Rest Days & Disciplined Ways

  A neatly organized and clipped pile of paper sits to my immediate left on my home office desk. It is the first printed version of my book manuscript. The first page of the book is the brightest thing in my field of vision, offering a friendly distraction while writing. One week ago today I dove headlong […]


High School Non-Confidential

The days leading up to mid-June 1997, I was working through a series of mind-frying anxiety attacks, all over a stupid math exam. Somehow I managed to work my way through school without being held back a year. Come 12th grade, I was going to get out one way or the other. From pretty much April […]

Countdown to E-Day

It is just about the start of May long. It is not just a long weekend. It is also a long week leading up to a long weekend. Was that a long-strung together thought? For the last several weeks I have been planning this coming weekend as a big E-Day for my manuscript.  For new readers, […]

Sitting in the Penalty Box

Thinking hockey players have it easier than this. Nights of little sleep resulting in a clouded head, full of what few brain cells I have left that might actually fire. Even the strongest of Earl Grey blends may not be enough for me to fire up whatever other ounce of strength I might have. Gotta […]

Writing Is Work

I have reached a point in my career where I consider all of my writing as work. Whether it is client work where an invoice is sent and I collect pay in return, or “recreational” writing such as material for sites like this, and the printed pages that are strewn about my home. The recreational […]

Snoopy the Workaholic

No real image I could put with this post without risking a copyright infringement suit from Charles Schulz’s family. Most people with a brain in their heads can picture Snoopy lying on top of his dog house, or sitting at the front of it preparing to take to the imaginary skies in an even more imaginary […]

Reflective Weaker Writing Moments

In a futile attempt to comment on the blog of a colleague the other day, I was taken back by my own perceived lack of writing organization. My intention was to respond to a post about self-publishing, and people who rush to get their work out there. The comment was erased in a fit of […]

A Grandmother’s Unknowing Influence

This photo means the world to me for many reasons. It is the last photo I would ever share with Nan. My writing is drawn from a ton of different influences. Some of which that wit (or lack thereof) comes from my devotion to irreverent humour from Britcoms and British Sketch Comedy pieces.  One of my closest associates […]

Documentary Readings and Ramblings

Recommending two great documentaries for any music fan. Stan Rogers “One Warm Line” – This amazing documentary covers the life and work of a true Canadian Icon. Stan Rogers was born in Ontario but grew up surrounded by stories of the sea, then eventually surrounding himself with the coast. Ultimately Stan became a great ambassador […]