Reflective Weaker Writing Moments

In a futile attempt to comment on the blog of a colleague the other day, I was taken back by my own perceived lack of writing organization. My intention was to respond to a post about self-publishing, and people who rush to get their work out there. The comment was erased in a fit of self-loathing before I had the chance to press post to page.

I have a twenty-thousand plus word manuscript in the works. Have been working on this for over a year and a half. I have thought about going the self-publishing route. Have also thought that I may be in a position to find an agent supportive of the idea enough where I could land a potentially lucrative deal.


Must write the book first and finish it. No matter what and how long it takes. Everything else will follow. I have not been rushing this book despite the interest it has already received. The time I already have invested in this will make the end result worth every bit of brain cell fire that has and will continue to go into it.

Sometimes if writing, whether it is commenting on a blog post or your own material, a person can stray off-topic or go off in a completely different direction. I have made some exceptions to this in some free-writes I did in older blog posts located at the archived blog site . In a few of those posts I may have even given the reader an advanced warning of a post’s pending freestyle nature. Much of my freewrite work is saved for nearby notebooks for later cleanup and clarification.

Blogs may very well be the perfect place to offer readers a kind of personal expressive touch. My conclusion is that my personal demands of myself have reached a point that near perfection in everything I write is something reasonable to shoot for. Everything from blog comments and book writing to a short 140 character Tweet. I expect the best from myself.

When I erase a blog comment, a really weak paragraph from my book or scratch the hell out of innocent paper, those are moments of self-loathing that I sometimes dread the most.

Yet the lessons learned from them are among the most valuable.


2 thoughts on “Reflective Weaker Writing Moments

  1. You put too much pressure on yourself, IMO. I’m all kindsa scattered in the head sometimes, so organized paragraphs and posts are…no. Instead, I’ve developed my writing style to embrace that and still express what I want it too.

    If I were you, I wouldn’t worry about self-editing as much as self-expressing.

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