Snoopy the Workaholic

No real image I could put with this post without risking a copyright infringement suit from Charles Schulz’s family. Most people with a brain in their heads can picture Snoopy lying on top of his dog house, or sitting at the front of it preparing to take to the imaginary skies in an even more imaginary Sopwith Camel.

In other strips, Snoopy is a lawyer, hired hand gardener, and hockey player. Never misses a chance to tell readers in the first frame what it is he is doing. “Here is the World Famous ______ “. Then we usually are led into a great smart couple of brilliant dialogue frames that tee up and hit off like a perfect golf shot.


A true sign of the lasting power of Peanuts is that the classics are constantly run in newspapers all over the world. This introduces Snoopy and all to a whole new audience ensuring sustainability and readers for years to come. Surely I will be in my 80’s drinking the same kind of beer and laughing just as hard at seeing Snoopy go to work.


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