Notes for Nan

Several years ago I went to a local print shop and asked them to make up custom notebooks for my Grandmother. In her house and her apartments, she always had bits of paper in different places. Usually these were grocery lists or things she was trying to remember. So I thought this would be a practical and decent gift.

I think I sent them to her as a Christmas gift, am not 100% sure though. In subsequent trips back to Nova Scotia I was rather happy to see that she had these notepads out in her living room. They were always within arms reach of her favourite place to sit.

After she passed on, my Mom decided the notebooks were to be returned to me. I have since had them out in my house for some time not having used a single page. It turned out that Nan had either used none of the pages. This never bothered me, as I think she kept these around more as a reminder that I sent them to her, and to show her neighbours I had some modicum of creativity and consideration.

I have had these long enough and have decided it is finally time to do something useful with them. So, “Notes for Nan” is going to be a fun way to use these notebooks up. I will try to put as many workable ideas into these notebooks as possible. As I was thinking of this idea, my original intention was to ensure my ideas were going to be 100% legit and stuff I would guarantee to use.

Reality Check – There are hundreds of pages in my home of ideas that I enjoyed writing out, that will not be used for anything. Such is the process of creation!

Whatever ideas I can create with Notes for Nan I will save each and every one of them, workable or not.



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