Memory Pub Crawl

I moved to Canmore, Alberta in April of 1999. Upon my arrival there within a day, I found a great pub over by where I would be working called the Rose and Crown. Spent the better part of the first 4 days in town eating meals there. Probably because I was insanely shy and not quite comfortable in my new surroundings. Local’s Night was great cheap beer. You could take a twenty-dollar bill into the place and still have at least a half-dozen cold ones and still spend the rest on trying to win something from a nearby Video Lottery Terminal.

Not even a full block away from the Rose and Crown is the Drake. In November of 99 before I went back to Nova Scotia for a few weeks, people I worked with insisted on hosting a going away gathering in my honour. So for a few hours, over some pints of Guinness, half of the basement in The Drake was a small entourage of people partying with me whilst I was still wearing my ugly revolting green Sobeys work uniform.

One of the favourite places for my wife and I use to frequent was Bob’s on the Hill in Calgary. Bob’s used to make the best wings you could ever want. Sadly our time frequenting there came to an abrupt end when they changed the name of the place. Service and food went down the hill really quick.

My recent few days in Ottawa brought me to a couple of great places. Darcy McGee’s right by the House of Commons had some killer food and an avalanche of different beers on tap.

Always been a pub person. Where I am currently living has a great pub. Great food and great service. So glad for the Madhouse Thunder Bay! Cheers.


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