Steppin Out of a Las Vegas Elevator

One cool breezy morning in Las Vegas I was coming down to breakfast at The Bellagio. When I arrived back at the ground floor the elevator doors opened and I heard Joe Jackson’s cool appropriate track “Stepping Out” was kicking off. I walked through the laneway in the Casino while tuning into Jackson’s classic keyboard wizardry. My eyes were still scanning the floor for any Blackjack that would be less than a ten buck minimum. The quest would continue.

What an appropriate moment. A nice cool morning waking up in Las Vegas, steppin out to a morning feed before stepping back out to the strip to explore.

The never-sleeping, never-resting city provides something for everyone. One not need to confine themselves just within the area of Las Vegas Boulevard to find folly.

I think I waited too long to get a cold beer into my hands when I arrived there.

Thanks to Casino Royale, we managed to find $1.00 bottles of Michelob and Michelob Light. Royale was located in just enough of a strategic location that we could load up on beer and walk a few blocks back to it if necessary.

On one of my steppin out days I hopped into a cab and went down Tropicana Boulevard to re-live my glory days in arcades. The Pinball Hall of Fame is an amazing place where you will gladly cough up quarters in the name of a few minutes of classic fun. Money goes to the great cause of maintaining the place and making it bigger. I am still happy to support the Las Vegas Pinball Collector’s Club. I walked a few blocks of Tropicana on my way back to the strip just before hailing a cab. This was just to absorb the surroundings of a few ordinary regular Vegas residential blocks.

I believe everyone owes it to themselves to treat yourselves to a few steppin out moments in this city. Just looking up vacation information is enticing enough to make some people book trips.


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