Strong cups of Earl Grey never fails to move my brain cells, and then the keys in front of me. For nearly a year I have been keeping a tattered dollar-store notebook tucked into the worn folds of my wallet. I have learned the hard way that keeping something to write¬†on handy has become very […]

Leonard Cohen Words N Music

A few weeks ago whilst perusing bookshelves in a Minnesota store, I came across a vast selection of works from this treasure of Canadian literature. Leonard Cohen’s poetry remain a strong influence on my own work and a pristine lesson in connectivity with words. I was still in high school when I picked up a […]

Why Books and Film Trump Television

Looking at my bookshelf is really quite amazing. I realize how great it is to be surrounded with so many words. My wife recently took up searching for older books that would have value and readable meaning. All this in the valiant attempt to find as many books as we can to populate an entire […]