Canada Day

People in my country really have to take a look at things all around them. When they do, they need to realize we have things pretty friggin good here. There is so much that we have here that we will forget about once in a while. I thought it would only be appropriate for me to list a few things I am grateful for about Canada.

  1. Healthcare – It is not free by any means, but it is there.
  2. Beer – I stand by the Independent Breweries in this country who have proven our product is among the best in the world.
  3. Provincial Pride – Everyone can be proud of the province they are from and/or the province they live in. Even though I tend to wear my Nova Scotia pins more than my Canadian pins, I take justifiable pride in my province while noting the fact that Nova Scotia is one of many great places within a great nation.
  4. Hockey – It is ours. It always was ours, and regardless of what any historian says, more historians have proven that hockey is a Canadian game that originated in Windsor, Nova Scotia.
  5. Canadian Football – Something else that is uniquely ours. One needs to just look at how many American players ended up playing their entire careers in this country and admitting they love our game more than the over the top boring NFL version.
  6. Agriculture & Aquaculture – Our farmers and fishermen have proven that they produce some of the best product anywhere.  Our exports are still strong, meaning our product is still getting out there.
  7. Writers – Canada is home to some major influential writing talent. Of note are writers like Leonard Cohen and Mordecai Richler. I could go on.

I could go on further. Those are just a few things I could think of.

What does Canada mean to you?


One thought on “Canada Day

  1. Great post!
    What I love about Canada is our abundance of nature and wildlife. Even cities have wildlife co-habiting with people (or trying to).

    Being at the hub of Cottage country in Ontario, we see many people coming in search of a get away-whether it is to explore our nearby TransCanada Trail system, or launch their boat at our village dock and navigate our river system.

    We’re fortunate to live in a country where we wake up listening to hear birds sing, rather than bullets zing!

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