Why Books and Film Trump Television

Looking at my bookshelf is really quite amazing. I realize how great it is to be surrounded with so many words. My wife recently took up searching for older books that would have value and readable meaning. All this in the valiant attempt to find as many books as we can to populate an entire wall-sized bookshelf in a future home. I rather cherish the idea that we soon will have ourselves into a home where we give ourselves a personal library.

We have many more books stored in places within my home office/lounge area. Their addition alone to the shelves will increase the book population dramatically.

Occupying one part of the shelving unit I am looking at are a collection of DVD’s. We tend to pick up only movies we really cherish watching. In the home office area I have my oddball collection of VHS tapes. I will still once in a while give myself the chore of hitting buttons on a VCR in order to watch a well-worn tape of a favourite show or old movie. Tape wears down after so much use, yet sometimes it is a rather remarkable thing to see that it can still work after dozens of plays through the reels.

It is a difficult admission for me to write that there are some shows on cable television that I do miss. Those are very few. I can access most sports related things through radio and the internet.

Books and film rule. Books are the great exercise of the theatre of the mind. Radio can do that too when you are listening to a great talk show. Movies are always fun to sit through and analyze. I look for entertainment value in a film and to see how well the writing comes together. Of course watching how the acting unfolds is also something my wife and I will banter about.

I would rather make the choice of reading a book or watching a movie rather than mindlessly flip a remote control through  a bunch of rubbish that is not worth paying for. When we still had cable, we were basically paying for three television shows.

How can I forget music. One of my other lifelong passions being that of an audiophile who wants to build a massive library of records.

Suppose the opposite wall of my book library is a shelf full of classic vinyl? One can dream in order to create an eventual reality.


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