Consensus Governments Encourage More Independent Thought

Party style politics presents people with sets of beliefs. In most instances the parties involved have set these policies through a series of usually well-attended conventions and the entertaining of proposals. Political parties themselves run like miniature governments. They may well be working their words and actions in order to practice for the chance that they may be […]


At an early age, I took very quickly to the much-loved Archie comic book digests which still hold their own in amongst the population of supermarket trash rags at the cashier lanes. In the digital age, the comic has managed to retain an audience and attract a new generation of readers. Pretty good for something that was first […]

Trenton Nova Scotia at 100

A small Nova Scotia town with a rich history of industry is in the midst of celebrating the centennial anniversary of its’ incorporation. Trenton is adjacent to my birth town of New Glasgow. For a few people on both sides of my family, Trenton is and always will be their hometown. Trenton is host to a coal-fired generating station […]

Planned (Un)Parenthood

Education and Entertainment…. Life and Living…. Choices and Chances…. A collection of descriptives…. Planned (Un)Parenthood December 26, 2009. I was finally on to a book idea worthy of writing. The past year and a half has been an experience. Like the brewing of a finely crafted lager, quality writing can take time. I have made the absolute most of […]