Lloyd Robertson, The King of Canadian Nightly News

At 10:00 p.m. Eastern tonight, the final newscast from CTV’s Lloyd Robertson will air.

While I rarely watch the news these days, when I do I prefer to listen to the steady delivery of Lloyd the Legend.

This country is fortunate to have such an amazing talent pool of journalists who end up in television, radio, print or the web for that matter. Lloyd is a true talent and would rank high on the list of Canadian greats who have set a high standard for journalism.

In honour of Lloyd’s final broadcast, I am challenging everyone reading this to write, comment, tweet, post as your Facebook status something positive that reflects the kind of day you had. Then close it with Lloyd’s signature sign-off. “That’s the kind of day it’s been”.

It is a fitting salute to Lloyd, and might also chase you into finding something positive about your day.


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