Writing & Social Media Management for Business & Busy People

I pride myself on being a great storyteller. I know I have the talent to get words up onto the web and onto paper in such a way that people become entertained, educated and sometimes enraged. Some of my greatest strengths as a writer include being well-researched, well-informed, and well-aware of the world around me.

Part of my business has become understanding business. Business drives almost everything. I am grateful to have worked for some great clients who have taught me some valuable lessons as I continue to build things.

When I am in discussions with clients and potential clients about the content they want to see on their pages, my time at first is spent looking for opportunities to give more to what they are looking for. If I am handed a set of key words or phrases that are required to turn up in their copy, then I will set about to using those key words and phrases in as many ways as possible. The end result in several instances has been eye-opening for a few clients.  Many would realize further potential in the information they are ultimately paying me to write about. More than a few times, one particular client has told me that they came up with a few other things that they wanted content about as a result of a sub-topic realized within a main topic article.

Of course I was happy to oblige. I had over two years of straight work with this client. An experience I benefitted from tremendously.

I expanded my practice into Social Media Management only recently. I relented on becoming a user of Twitter for probably too long. Once I decided to become proficient in its’ use (or as I wrote recently, become “twitterate”), I saw the potential for business to use it as a way to promote and keep customers informed. The use of hashtags to draw in and retain an audience is just one of many great things people can do for their business with Twitter.

If you are a business seeking someone to produce quality content, want to take the leap and have someone create content for your pages on Facebook, Twitter or LinkedIn, visit my website at www.dannalexander.net to check out further information.

if you want to contact me directly, drop me a note through dann@dannalexander.net . I am proud to be building long-term business relationships with clients and colleagues alike. I would be pleased to read about the content and social media needs you may have.

I am also open hearing from clients who may just be very busy people in their fields.  Whether you are an artist or an executive, you may be looking for someone to create those flashes of brilliance for your webpages and Social Media Platforms. By all means, contact me for more information!


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