Business Twitteracy

Going to further elaborate on my last posting. I admit the post was very much self-promotion so I wanted to follow-up with a useful introduction to Twitter for business.

The use of hashtags (your # sign) will become the most useful tool in flexing your advertising muscle on your messages (tweets).

Twitter For Business

Three important points should be consistent in your tweets. They do not necessarily have to be in the order listed.

#TypeOfBusiness #Location (you could do 2 or 3 #Location tags alone depending on where you are) and Website address. When you enter your website address, you will want to sign up to a web address shortening service like . Bitly allows you to collapse a website address into something shorter. This service is tremendously beneficial when you have only 140 characters to fill in your tweets.

What is great about the character limit is you are challenged to be creative using a little bit of space. You may actually spend a few minutes really thinking out what you want to say on behalf of the business.  As a business gradually develops a stream of 10-20 tweets which are effective advertising, those tweets can sit on a list and be put in on a regular rotation of messages.  At the same time, it is important to mix it up by putting in links to relevant news articles related to the area the business works in and things of that nature.

Basic Business Tweet Example

A custom-home building business in the Ottawa Ontario area may want to have a tweet that looks like this.

Looking 4 a custom #homebuilder ? Visit us at  (website address here) #Ottawa #Ontario .

The effective use of a hashtag draws in site users who are outside your followers list. The hashtags act as an emphasis of key words in your messages. Those who may be searching under the keyword of #Ottawa are likely to pick up this tweet in a search of Ottawa.

Businesses that become “Twitterate” effectively can build and maintain an audience. By following their competition, suppliers, and customers, business can be in complete touch with things that are going on around them.

Any business that takes to Twitter should have an open profile. They should want to be accessible to the global audience that Twitter facilitates.

 Within the next few weeks, I will go further into Twitteracy for busy persons like artists and executives.

If you are a business looking into building your audience through Twitter or any other Social Media Platform, visit my main site at for more information about what I do. I can be reached via e-mail through .

My Twitter feed is located at


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