Ten Randoms

1.  Woody Allen may be odd, but as a writer and film maker he is an American Legend. He still writes one movie per year, on a typewriter.

2. Christopher Hitchens’s greatest lesson for the writing world was for everyone to find their own voice. I agree completely. Acknowledge your influences but refine yourself to be just that. Yourself.

3. My favourite Christmas Records are Boney M Christmas and Merle Haggard’s Christmas. The religious references do not bother me. Christmas is whatever I make it to be and I still love this time of year. Always have.

4. Great food and drink are a comfort at any time of year. Something about sharing it all, especially during the holidays that makes people happy. Could be the alcohol content? It helps when you know your own limits and of course have plans for a safe ride home.

5. I rather enjoy house work. It means I have a house. Plus when I watch a few seconds of Hoarders I am grateful to know I will never be like that.

6. “Iron Lady” is likely going to win Meryl Streep another Academy Award. I have yet to even see the film but am looking very forward to it. For every bad movie she has been in, she has been in three times as many good ones.

7. The Spengler Cup in Davos Switzerland is one of the few times in the year that Canadians can find out what happened to some NHL players who suddenly went missing in action and ended up playing in just as strong European leagues.

8. I tend to over-use my jokes on the Amish. Part of this is because I know they will never find out. Plus it’s just funny.

9. Adam West hocking flavorless frozen dinners is amusing, but at least he is getting a pay cheque.

10. Antique Clocks are cool. I never need to look at them to tell time. Just want to have them around because they are unique.



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