Walking Words & Habits of Writers

Walking is not just good for overall health. It is good for writers who are looking for a few extra minutes to develop ideas in what few brain cells we have not burned out. I take some justifiable pride in how much I devote to my overall health physically and mentally. Since around 2000, I […]

Tea & Sandwiches at Grand Central

It’s one of those mornings. Maybe it’s one of those weeks. Certainly would be a good day to land at Grand Central for lunch. Man, I reflect fondly on those times. Grand Central refers to a home in Trenton where my Grandfather still lives, the home he shared with my Grandmother for much of their […]

Recovery Room of Writing

The seemingly down moments in this business can be turned into the most sobering and uplifting. Last night I started to picture what a recovery room would look like, full of some of the people whose work I respect and admire. Further, I picture how each of these great talents might have gotten through a few […]