Tea & Sandwiches at Grand Central

It’s one of those mornings. Maybe it’s one of those weeks.

Certainly would be a good day to land at Grand Central for lunch. Man, I reflect fondly on those times.

Grand Central refers to a home in Trenton where my Grandfather still lives, the home he shared with my Grandmother for much of their life together. Before I left Nova Scotia, my daily routine had included a noon-time visit to their home almost 5 days a week. I was in the midst of taking a course in town which only went until around noon. After that I usually made a point to land at or just before noon. I ended up having lunch there at least 3 days of the week. My Grandmother especially cherished those moments just as much if not more than I did.

I was still consuming an appalling amount of Pepsi and Coke at the time, so she started upping the amount that she kept around the house. Not just for me though, although I’m certain I ended up drinking most of the stock every week.

As years have gone on, a few things have changed. My grandmother is no longer with us, I have replaced the colas with tea, and am much more mindful of what I eat not just wish sandwiches, but with the rare sweet that may go with it.

Every time I return to this house it has become tradition that I take a walk through it and remember what I can about the different rooms. The back yard is still a sprawling open area where their dogs ran freely near a bountiful garden. As much as I miss being close to this house, the memories are stronger than the missing.



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