Walking Words & Habits of Writers

Walking is not just good for overall health. It is good for writers who are looking for a few extra minutes to develop ideas in what few brain cells we have not burned out.

I take some justifiable pride in how much I devote to my overall health physically and mentally. Since around 2000, I gradually started to take more of an interest in improving my personal health in small steps. Best thing about this whole process is every time I set myself back, it seems I always find ways to take several more steps forward.

Gotta love self-redemption.

This particular Saturday I found myself wanting to find a different way to exercise that might be a little bit out of the norm. I dressed up appropriately for the cold and went for a long walk. It was well worth it. During the brief tour of the area I am currently based, something I remembered reading on Twitter jumped out at me as an sub-topic that needed to be included in my book manuscript.

I was looking forward to an afternoon of work. So after recording audio for my latest short film, My first book manuscript visited me again. It is an old friend I have come to cherish and love dearly considering the investment of time that went into working on it.

Today, this book I have written has eclipsed the 27 thousand word mark. It is one of those moments where the pride of being a writer just magnifies itself tenfold.

At my home office desk is a wonderful list of ten daily habits that make a good writer. Off hand I forget where they came from, but I treasure the wisdom contained. The first thing on that list is to eat healthfully, the second is to be physical.

To my colleagues reading this, by all means please remind me who sent this to me and who is credited with writing this great list.

The other eight things on this list are worthy of observation for another series of posts altogether. Today was a great reminder of the two I mentioned. Seems that a clearer mind is a great assist to great content creation.

Write 4 Life and Live 2 Write





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