Looking For Today

How appropriate that I should use a Black Sabbath song for a blog title. Won’t be the last time I assure you.

Friday’s for many seem to be the one day of the week where everyone finds themselves. Even for a brief few minutes or hours, everyone rides in the wave of relief that the opening of a weekend presents. A “Friday” does not necessarily have to be on the same day of the week. It is so associated with the end of a work week than many who work say Tuesday-Saturday (as I once did), would look at Saturday as their Friday. And so on,,,

Actually, for the longest time, I loved having Sunday/Monday off. There was something great about being able to stay up a little later Sunday night and not worry about rushing out with everyone else first thing Monday. It was a time when I worked a horrible labour job and would have been better off working the Sahara Desert as a flood watchman.

Last weekend I texted a family member that I didn’t talk to since Christmas. In my initiation of the text-versation what I was going to write was not really clear. So I found myself giving advice that could often be reflected in the mirror. When it comes to the weekends, own them. Make them yours for the taking.

The same really could be said for every single day. Why wait until the weekend to own more of the time you have for yourself? Reality is even if you slug it out in some drab cube somewhere mentally working to build a bridge to something better, or work the factory line willingly, or no matter whatever you do, you can still dream big and be in constant pursuit of a better life. I live and breathe every single day of my life knowing that in the darkest moments, somehow someway I have always found  glorious solitude.

A classic line from one of my favourite singers reminds me “If you feel alive, in a darkened room, do you know the name of your solitude”. That moment brilliantly captures the second when I feel like my thoughts have recovered from negativity.

Part of finding that solitude has been discovering how great life is. When I say people need to go looking for today, it means to acknowledge the present moment and all the great things within it. It can come in the form of a close embrace from your significant other, a smile from across a crowded room, a great meal you might have enjoyed, or even the freshness of crisp clean air. Looking for today will not take long. Find it, own it and make every day your day.




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