Titles and Transitions, Planned UnParenthood and Uneven Dice

We are in a transition and are in the process of packing up the household to move to my home province of Nova Scotia. I have missed contributing to these pages and working in general. Among the chaos there has been some clarity.

Planned UnParenthood, Creating a Life Without Procreating. I have decided to go it alone and self-publish this book. While I have no firm release date, I estimate by the early fall that I could have it ready to press. I intend to make it available for e-readers as well.  Planned UnParenthood is the work of almost 2 years of hardcore research and writing. The result is a great book that speaks to those who have chosen not to have children. It also reaches out to those who are unable to have children.  I take things one step further by reaching out to parents in the hope that more will understand and accept why people will make the decision not to have children.

Some of my favourite reading of the last several months has been the humour collections of Woody Allen. The painfully brilliant wit in his 4 main collections has been inspiring. So much so that within a short period of time I ended up writing a collection of short satirical pieces which I will complete over the coming summer. With reading the Allen collections I felt much more comfortable in developing character ideas I had been thinking of. The result will be a short collection of shorts called Uneven Dice. This will be released in e-book format only sometime this fall.

Although it is meant to be a satirical collection, there will be traces of reality throughout.  For instance “Chalkboard Nightmares” is loosely based on my experiences having to walk up to a chalkboard in Junior High Math. On the more downright funny side of things, readers will be treated to a One-Act Play based on three unlikely members of a Minnesota Amish Commune.

I am really excited to bring this work to audiences. Thanks everyone for your continued support. I love to work, and cherish being in this business. There is more good stuff to come. I look forward to continuing to work from my Nova Scotia base.


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