If you focus on what you lack, then what you have is instantly lost.

Most people may not realize this, but society runs on a constant journey of spirituality and self-enlightenment. Exploration is a constant trip. Sometimes its fun and sometimes it is a difficult passage of turbulent trial and error. But then again, so is life. You are supposed to learn. You are supposed to fail. When you do fail you are supposed to dust yourself off and try again. It is called learning the hard way.

How many of you can turn to social media to find a pristine example of people who are in a constant state of negativity? Every single person who uses Facebook has maybe one friend who does nothing but complain and search for a sympathy party. They spend too much time focusing on what they lack that they completely lose focus on the good of what is around them. It should be about what they have and the gratitude that goes with it.

Since I came out as an Atheist, I have been accused by readers of having “Lack”. I have been accused of lacking on God.  Lacking in faith. Lacking in any meaning in my life. The exact opposite is the real deal. While I still loudly maintain that everyone has their freedom with religion and spirituality, I equally promote the right to disagree with any opinion of religion and the fictitious pictures of paradise it supposedly offers. If you are into religion that is fine. But please, save your scripts for book publishers who might want to put something on a shelf with other fictional tales of the dead being raised.

When I finally decided I was done with the long transition out of religion I felt something that I never thought was possible.

Spiritual Freedom

The ability to realize that I can think for myself. I sure do not need any book to tell me what is wrong or right. Nor do I need to attend some building and confess any supposed wrongdoings. That life is worth living to the fullest and that I should not worry about an afterlife that according to science, does NOT exist.

My plan here is not to go on a long tear against religion despite the many pages that I could fill on that subject alone. The nail to be driven home here, is that life is not only good, it’s great and every second of it is valuable. If you are lacking something, then go and get it so you are no longer lacking in whatever it is. Pursue your passions as if they are easily within reach.

Live life to make yourself, (and those closest to you), the best it can be.



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