Uneven Dice – A Further Introduction

For nearly a year, I have been passionately pursuing further study of humour writing. No matter how much reading material I have on the go, there always has to be something funny kicking around. Even if I get to reading a few sentences, it is worth reading on the chance that something brilliantly funny will be read.

For aspiring satirists, studying humour further can inspire you to take chances on your own ideas. If you find something even remotely humourous, then chances are you are bound to find at least one reader who will find it equally funny.

With my own work, this had led me to start writing out story ideas that finally had some weight in them. “Uneven Dice” resulted from a few early morning and late nights of character development and searching for funny lines amongst chaotically set stories. As this E-book comes together, it is artistically rewarding for me to return to some of these initial ideas and still crack a smile at how well they read back.

So I know there will be a few people who will take these short stories and enjoy them.  As of now, there is no expected release date for this project.  Fact is I started writing this while awaiting further information related to the publishing of my non-fiction work “Planned UnParenthood”. It is still coming together as time permits. I promise readers it will be a fun run through some odd situations, while exploring a few boundaries of really dry humour.

A sneak preview of some of the fictitious flatulence that will be contained in “Uneven Dice”.

The Last Known Days Of Donnan Barclay – Chronicles the journal entries of a Halifax Writer who has been missing for some time.

Westville Ice Legends – This story of a legendary recreational small-town hockey club who spent Sunday nights playing the game they loved, while often making complete idiots of themselves and occasionally embarrassing the town that hosted their ice time.

The Amishtocrats – A One-Act Play about a Northern Minnesota Amish community dealing with internal conflict among three of its’ members.


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