Reflections – Planned Unparenthood Creating a Life Without Procreating

Book Cover

When you see the title, do mirrors come to mind? Or are you thinking I am about to go on a long tirade about the year 2012 and review all the news stories. If you have read some of my previous posts you will note that I simply do not elect to read the news very often. If I wants the news badly enough I will go and get it. Given how much of a charade CNN and most other American news stations have become, believe me when I tell you I do not miss it. What I do miss about cable television though is the ability to access holiday hockey. Of course the one year that Canada has a great chance to winning the Spengler in Switzerland, I cannot watch any of it. It is still not worth the money for me to bother local providers who will make me pay through the arm in order to watch horrendous slabs of mostly rancid television.

Three years ago today, my first published book was born. Therefore I will reflect rather fondly on how the release of Planned Unparenthood Creating a Life Without Procreating has affected my life as a writer. Reader feedback to date has been excellent and the New Year presents more great opportunity for me to get this book out there. It is available through online retailers worldwide such as Amazon. Listing here for  -

Anyone who wants a copy can actually get one from online the Book Depository for around $15.92 (Canada and US Dollars). Best part is shipping is included in the price!

There is a genuine amount of surprise that I felt when I started to get reader feedback. I expected to face the wrath of many parents who might question my courage in sharing some of the ideas that those of us without children have. Most of the time, parents who provided feedback were quick to say how they “get it now”. In one instance I had a parent tell me they plan to now be supportive if their children make the choice to live childfree.

As time permits I continue to work through a collection of short stories which will become “Throwing Dice”. The plan is to make this available sometime in 2013. Much of the material for this book started in between edits of my first book, and it has now grown to become a learning experience in character development and description. I may even shop this to a few local publishers. Fortunately, Nova Scotia publishers take an interest in stories set here. So they may be willing to take a chance on some oddly seasoned humour which many will appreciate.

I remain grateful to all of you who have purchased a copy of my book. The work on selling it has just begun. It is great to add to the discussions. The market has many books out on the subject, and somehow I managed to be one of the first (if not the first) guy to write about the subject for the bookshelves.

By the end of January, my website will direct to this very site. I will be concluding my long-term relationship with my former domain providers on an amicable basis. It is time. I am grateful to Melbourne IT and Angelfire for their years of support and quality service.


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