Winter Writing Notes

Book Cover
My book, Planned UnParenthood Creating a Life Without Procreating, is pretty much available worldwide on many online services. Every so often I need to run the search on Google to see if it has turned up in a few more places. The Global Distribution deal I ended up with has definetly allowed me to reach a wider audience.

My work at promoting this book is far from over. Learning the PR game so far has been a tremendous learning experience. I have come to depend on many resources as well as referral information from colleagues who have made excellent suggestions. The great thing about this book is it has a significantly long shelf-life because of the topic. Much of the statistical information I obtained for this book is fairly recent therefore still very relevant.

Part of my learning experience has involved communicating with members of the reading audience via Twitter @WriterDann. I have made a point to respond to every query from anyone about it. Even today as I write this, a colleague checked in with my progress and offered some very useful suggestions.

Planned UnParenthood has reached an audience, and I intend to grow that audience even further. My plan is to reach an audience well beyond the initial one consisting of parents and the three-tier of readers who are childfree / childless by choice / childless for other reasons.

In previous posts, I did make mention of a collection of short stories which I have been working to assemble. Much of the collection was written during an editing phase of Planned UnParenthood. I have decided not to rush out the final product as soon as I wanted to. I have a notebook of excellent story ideas which I really want to develop and may take those ideas into the summer when the nicer weather will allow me more time to work in the early mornings. Some of the stories that are completed are in long form but others are in well-cut short form. When I say short form I mean they tell a story with the intent to get some humour across but do not drag out far. Only because I want some ideas to stop while they seem ahead in my eyes.

Over the last few weeks I have recently returned to the idea of writing the “Great Canadian Novel”. With the variety of ideas I have around it has awakened my interest in pursuing long-fiction again. On an old laptop I did manage to crank out several dozen pages of workable writing with a great story and characters. Even if that story never gets to print at least it can be the basis for returning to the idea of writing a novel. I am fascinated with the idea of it anyway.

Another project which has long been in the outline stages is a bit of a biographical piece based on a previously published essay several blog posts back. I’ll let you figure out which one it could be by merely stating it could have an appeal to an audience of nerds who love classic video gaming. Perhaps with some other life stories in between…

It’s good to be working.


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