Charging Forward With #Writing


The show must go on. It’s heard everywhere and in at least two songs I can think of. One from Queen, the other Pink Floyd. It is a constant reminder to keep going.

Anyone who works in the business of writing. Whether it is your full-time living or not, has to work as much as possible. The only practice one gets is going through the motions of actually working.

Writer’s Block is cured by writing. Free writing will usually take care of this fairly quickly. Some have suggested that free writing will only serve to display a string of nonsensical gibberish on the paper or screen. This might be true to an extent but you must think of it another way. That possible gibberish could become the next decent idea that you have.

If you feel you have some sort of a block, then look through some paper or computer files which may have an idea or two on them. I regularly return to my note books or pieces that I have deemed failed to see if I can build up on them. At least they get the mind going.

Charge Forward. Work Lots and Often. Sometimes that little bit of work could save your sanity.

William (Dann) Alexander is the Author of “Planned UnParenthood Creating a Life Without Procreating”. Available at most online book retailers worldwide such as


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