Nostalgic Notes #MondayBlogs


Every single time I make some plan to drive up to my hometown of New Glasgow Nova Scotia, I often think about an afternoon or fall evening where I would want to just spend an hour or two walking my old neighbourhood and absorb the reality of it today. To be in the present moment in among the presence of familiar scenes.

The cracked concrete of the old sidewalks, the stale stare from the many streetlights which lit up the pathways leading up to great classic character homes, the crisp air in the late fall which would invite you out then chase you in once you log a few steps. The scorched feeling in the hands when I would take the occasional cup of tea or coffee along for the stroll.

There was a peaceful place behind the nearby recreation centre where you could hide in the dark take in the night. It was a well-kept secret which soon became a well-known discovery.

When I walked those old streets, my ears were usually subjected to noise pollution from an old Sony Walkman. The amount of money spent on batteries to power that old thing is easily in the hundreds. Still it gave me a soundtrack for any time and occasion.

Sometimes after writing a few pages of notes I would take to the streets in order to look for another idea or to reflect on what was showed up on the page. Every so often it is worth the time to take a few of these pages out and see my own professional and personal progress. It’s great to be able to look at something and remember why it was written or the event that inspired resulting in the words.

Reflections are meant to remind you of how things were in the past, and how things become in the present.

So taking that stroll is a good idea that should be followed through. It is fall and I welcome September with open arms again. A cool night walk on some old stomping grounds seems in order.


William (Dann) Alexander is a Nova Scotia based Freelance Writer & the Author of Planned UnParenthood Creating A Life Without Procreating. Available at Amazon and other online retailers worldwide. Amazon US Chapters/Indigo/Coles (Canada)


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