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For decades, the film industry has and continues to offer something for almost everyone. It offers a tearful release, a raucous laugh, and provocation of thought. The documentary side of the business occasionally offers something more. Whether an account of a historical event, or an outright mocking by way of brilliant rock and roll fakery a la Spinal Tap.

Most of the movie viewing audience out there which you are no doubt a part of, craves a certain kind of escape into a story that will give you something in return. For many, movies are to be seen because a particular actor/actress is in them. Another demographic of movie-goer will see a film via word of mouth. You could have a friend who might refer a film to you and say it is really funny. If you are like me and enjoy the comedic category the most, you will likely see it as soon as you can. If you end up sharing the same opinion as the friend they will become a reliable source of movie referrals.

Some friends also may refer a movie to you saying it is funny only to have it turn out to be horrendous. You then take every future opinion from them with a grain of salt.

Everyone in the movie audience will play the role of good and bad movie referral source at least once.

Movies offer so much more than an attempt to get into a story and be entertained. They can force a person to sit in one place for a long period of time and take in each aspect of the movie. It offers some great alone time with yourself or members of your family and friends. They also offer a memory connected to any emotion.

It also offers the chance to be critical. I truly believe no one ever sets out to make a bad film. Believe me when I tell you I have seen some rotten movies which make me shake my head when I think of them. Yet I still think of what the directors and writers were thinking when they wrote it. I often will wonder what audience will like a movie I loathe, and the specific differences between my opinion and theirs.

With the movies I cherish, I am happy to passionately defend the reasons why it is a favourite while respecting the reasons a person may look down on it.

Weird Al Yankovic’s cult classic “UHF” was a film that did poorly at the box office. Yet slowly over time it would grow to become a cult classic. It is one of my favourite movies of my childhood. Being a long-time fan of Al’s musical parodies it would have been tremendously odd if I ignored it. Since its’ release to DVD, this cult classic has gone on to sell millions of copies and continues to turn others on to the brilliance of Weird Al’s humour. People who dislike the movie might the find the humour falling a bit flat or the story lacking in some substance. For me, it’s a memory and a great laugh.

The 2003 British Romantic Comedy “Love Actually” is a wonderful film with an ensemble cast. It’s several story-lines and masterful screenwriting immediately captured the attention of audience members worldwide. Because it centers around a Christmas theme time frame, many fans of the movie no doubt have incorporated into their list of holiday films which they watch every year. Critics of the movie might find the multiple stories hard to follow. My rebuttal to this argument is that the stories are very simple to follow because the acting is so convincing.

What are some of the movies you enjoy or dislike and why? Can you think of a time when someone referred a movie and you were glad they did? Dismayed by the referral? Share them in the comments section.

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