Freedom of Choice #MondayBlogs #RemembranceDay


We shall remember. We should also not take for granted.

It is Remembrance Day in Canada. We take time to remember those who have put their lives on the line for us every single day. We also salute the people who continue to put themselves on the front lines in the efforts to defend freedoms that too often, are taken for granted.

It is with the deepest of gratitude to the memories of all who have served, and those who continued to serve, that I address freedom of choice on this page.

I have significant problems with conservative religious commentators across the globe who have disparaged those who choose not to believe in the afterlife or a deity. I remember a very long time ago in my teens recalling someone telling me that it was a shame that veterans put themselves on the line just so people can show disrespect towards the supposed “reality” of christianity.

Freedom of choice to me has always been exactly that. Freedom to choose in favour of, or in my case choosing against religion of any kind. I would be willing to bet that many veterans of more recent conflicts are in fact not religious at all or elect to follow different paths other than Christianity. Canada is a country of significant diversity and it no doubt is now reflected among those currently in uniform or recently retired.

There is still a general tendency by much of the nation to look down on a choice that is considered outside of the norm. Those who might identify themselves as Atheist or Agnostic may still face significant fear and pressure from the world around them. With gradual education and more open debate, hopefully this trend against a personal choice will ease rapidly.

It is worth noting that as a tribute to american war veterans who identified themselves as Atheists, the Freedom From Religion Foundation erected a monument to those who served on the front lines of battle.

I also happily celebrate another cherished freedom that I continue to actively educate and write about. The choice of childfreedom.

How great it is that I live in a country where a person has the choice on how many they want to have in their family. A choice on whether they are to populate the world with their own flesh and blood, or provide love and stability for children via adoption, or not to have children at all. It is a most treasured freedom. Another freedom and choice that with continued education and promotion, will see a greater acceptance and tolerance.

Whether religious or non-religious, childfree or a parent, if your choice does not harm society and serves to promote great things in your own life, then I ask you to remember those who have fought for our freedom. Remember those who continue to fight for it, and those who are ready to fight for it on the notice of a moment.



Dann Alexander is the author of “Planned UnParenthood, Creating A Life Without Procreating” avaialble through Amazon US and worldwide and the short fiction collection “Throwing Dice” which is avaialble through direct order at by clicking here


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