#Twitter Mobile, The Slight Loss of Content Control. #Mondayblogs


Twitter’s latest mobile update seems to be forcing users into reading some content that they may not want to read. I have included a screenshot of the trend list from my phone on the morning I drafted this post.

As you can see, the trend list gives you only a small list of what is trending. In order to see what else is trending, you need to tap on the trending section in order for the list to expand. When that list does expand, you are then subjected to having to scroll through content related to trends whether you want to see it or not.

With Twitter, I found that one of the benefits with it is you can have significant control over the content you view. When they started to place more advertisement tweets in everyone’s feed it was to be accepted. Given that Twitter was looking at ways to expand it’s revenue stream naturally it made sense to do this. These tweets are easy to read or ignore if we don’t want to see them.

When we look at Twitter trends through our desktops and laptops, we are right now not subjected to having to scroll through a sample of tweets for the trends. We can just click and go on a specific topic.

It is really unfortunate that this recent mobile app update takes away some of that content control for users. I have no desire whatsoever to read about trends like #cdnpoli (Canadian Politics) or the rantings of millions of fans who manage to take Justin Bieber’s name and make a trend out of it on a daily basis with trends like #beliebers or #ThankuJustin4.

Not interested, thank you.

I like to think my time is valuable and social media time is no different. I read what I want to read by following who I want to follow. If you agree with me on this, I encourage you to RT this article on your Twitter feed to @Twitter and @TwitterMobile.

If they do not fix this update, then I will probably stop using the app on my iPhone.


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