#Hats and One-Word Workdays #MondayBlogs #Writing


On the morning of November 25, I was determined to work for a few minutes if it would be possible. It was another Monday morning where I did not sleep much the night before. While doing a brief surf I begin to think about how I cannot get any hats that fit me.

Here was the result. One word, then I left to go about my usual weekday at the day job. Even with one word, I felt productive. Sure I have returned to that page since and written out a few things on it. It might become something more in the future, or it might linger with the many other piles of paper I have on my desk, collecting fragments of fragile dust which might only move with a blast of air via the ceiling fan.

I can let you in a bit on where this word might take me into a piece of work. In summary, hats were something I used to wear regularly when I was a kid and briefly into my first job. None of the hats ever fit me. When I wore them they would usually almost be showing with the beak pointing slightly up because they could never sit comfortably on my head.

Eventually I gave up on the idea of wearing physical hats. Yet, a theme of “wearing different hats” has always kept up with me. I was used to people telling me I wear different hats with all of the things I do.

With my oversized melon now sporting a much shorter haircut courtesy of Demones in Halifax, I was hoping that perhaps the winds of change might blow over my scalp thus allowing me to find something that fits. That search will continue over the course of the next few months.

I’m in no real hurry though. The pounding tropical storm winds on the night that I am finishing this piece are reminding me that hats blow off in the wind. A chase ensues, often with the person losing their hat to the wind and rain or to the darkness or a busy stream of traffic. Those are several minutes of life that I would want back!

Maybe the hat hassle will never be worthwhile again. Contentment will surely find me in the occasional hat try-on at a souvenir store just for a cheap groaner laugh.

Maybe I will find a bowler somewhere that will make me look like a less-skilled version of Sherlock Holmes.

Let’s close by returning to the note page you see. I have demonstrated how one word can result in a brainstorming session which you may have realized I have now shared with you as the reader. You have been witness to a session of research and theme exploration.

So to writers who may only see one word coming out for their entire work day, know that it can become something later. Be it a blog post, short story, or an idea for a freelance client.

Dann Alexander is a Freelance Writer based just outside of Halifax, Nova Scotia Canada. His books “Planned UnParenthood Creating A Life Without Procreating” and his short fiction collection “Throwing Dice” are available through online retailers worldwide.


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