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Sometimes I read lots before going on an unknowingly self-imposed hiatus. Sure I still continue to read blog posts and social media updates but I am referring specifically to reading, then not reading, then reading again, books.

Because I want to read so many different books now I have come to have many on the go at the same time. For me this is a hit-or-miss approach for reading even though it probably works for a few people. I reached a point where a book I started early in the spring is now the book I am most determined to finish. This particular book is about the life and legacy of Major Conn Smythe. Smythe was the legendary businessman and hockey genius who built the foundation for the Toronto Maple Leafs. Arguably the hockey team with the greatest fan base in the whole world.

Beside that book lies my Kobo E-Reader which has little on it right now. The open book on it is Glam Metal Legend Nikki Sixx’s “Heroin Diaries”. A mad descent of the Motley Crue’s bassist and chief composer into complete madness and a reminder of how grateful I am to never have touched drugs. On top of the Kobo is Susan Cain’s “Quiet”. A best-seller I have been wanting to read for a long time. Anything about introversion is worth reading. I will write more about that in future piece.

Leaning closer to the wall are two pieces of fiction. One I have yet to even start by the legendary Michael Moorcock. When it comes to science fiction and fantasy writing, he is the only one I have been able to read and enjoy. His amazing history with space-rockers Hawkwind inspired me to pick up his novels.

Underneath that book is Dr. Sheldon Currie’s latest, “Two Solitudes”. Dr. Currie is the noted author behind “The Glace Bay Miners’ Museum, which was turned into a feature film “Margaret’s Museum”. I consider Currie’s “Down the Coaltown Road” to be a masterpiece of Canadian Fiction, so I am happy to own his latest book and am frankly happy he is still working. Dr. Currie came to my high school grade 12 English class to speak. I did not have the chance to talk to him but I paid close attention given that I wanted to write.

More books are on the way. There are many more I want to read. Perhaps as a writer who loves to read I will always have more books that I will want to read. Being around books is an incredibly peaceful thing. Going to the library isn’t so peaceful anymore but when you build up a great amount of books to have in your home it’s almost like you are displaying information.

Consider all of your favourite books. Sometimes you might think of a particular passage in them that you want to dig out again so you reach for it. It is a comfort, it is inspiring, and it is there.

For many writers, books are also educational textbooks. I personally treat them as learning material with entertainment values added. There has been so much I have learned from the books I have read.

Even the really horrid books actually have something to offer me.
The reason I say this is that no one ever sets out to write a bad book unless it is for some kind of weird joke. Everyone who puts out a book whether independently or through a major publisher is putting so much on the line. It is a personal view into the mind of a writer. I have read great books from writers who I may not consider to be that great, but I have read an equal amount of horrid books from writers who are actually good at the craft. No matter what, you can still pick up something really great from all kinds of different books.

Read Lots. Read Often. Just Read!

Dear Readers,
As I finish this draft, I am in the midst of dealing with a significant amount of grief. My Dad, who was a significant supporter of my work and arguably one of my biggest fans, passed away suddenly. Maybe in due course, I can tell some stories. I have plenty worth telling. Working is something that gives me great peace. Just being able to finish this up has given me some comfort. So I thank you for reading.


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