Returning and Rethinking, #Writing #Mondayblogs

vic park

The last few weeks have been a whirlwind. A kind of torrential rainfall where you don’t even feel a thing on your face. I’ve been numb at times to the obvious pain I have felt. There have been some hard lessons learned. Some bright lights have turned on where a few others burned out.

My Dad suddenly passed away December 9. Over the last few years, Dad had taken a very keen interest in my work. He was among the first to read both of my books and provide instant feedback. When he read Planned UnParenthood he seemed to have a greater understanding as to why I do not want to have children and the identity of being childfree. I felt like he “got it”.

As I was building up my freelance work, he was very concerned at any suggestion that I might take some lower-paying work just to be working. I never allowed myself to go low and am thankful forever thankful for his insight.

There were many great lessons that I learned from Dad and it applied in many different areas. My greatest music lesson was one I learned at an early age through him. That is worthy of a post all on its’ own because many young musicians should read it. Stay tuned, this will follow in the coming weeks. Every so often I have to remind myself that I am also a fairly decent bass player and my passion for being able to have an advanced-level playing skill is still there after all these years.

With so much on my plate, I realized that being able to write is still important. So I have elected to take a bit of a step back with assignments and focus a little bit more on the creative aspect of things. To rethink my directions in this business and look at some new opportunities. So this means writing posts for this site and a few others, and exploring some different writing paths. Since I am constantly working on improving the craft work itself, it makes sense for me to focus on being a bit of a writing student again. I’m rather pleased to be wanting to learn a bit more intensely again. Be it through reading, maybe an online course, I am eager to learn more and keep forging ahead. It is all very enjoyable to me and is bringing me great peace.

One of the best lessons I learned in writing is that the best way to learn in this business is to just work. Keep writing. Keep working. The words will come.

As part of that learning, my posts here will continue. When I can plan content for these pages, it is really enjoyable and rewarding. My work here continues to enjoy a nice following and I am certainly appreciative for it. Know that I value any and all feedback from readers.


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