Time & The Balance #MondayBlogs

vic park

Bruce Cockburn wrote and sang “I never live with balance, but I’ve always liked the notion.”

Most would never doubt Cockburn’s brilliance. Even if his music and lyrics are not suited to their taste. I’ve always liked the notion of living with balance. As the last few months have passed, I have found that looking for time and to balance it all out has been challenging for reasons that I need not repeat. Make no mistake, I am tired. Some of you reading this will be tired as well. No matter how hard you might work and how well you are dealing with something, you might be really tired. As Jackson Browne once said I’m “Running on Empty”.

But I am optimistic. Every day I push through the boundaries that I impose on myself. I break through. I choose to go forward.

This does not have to be a singular quest to win. I have had to learn how to ask for help all over again. To lean on those whom I truly trust.

In the process a harder lesson has evolved. Sometimes those you might want to trust the most are just as ready to betray that trust at their own selfish expense. A harsh but real ice-cold fact of life.

Part of my quest for time & balance is right now before your eyes. It’s being here on these pages and working through some thoughts that might occasionally seem broken. There is some great clarity within the contrast though.

I will close by saying that they say time is a great healer. It can be if you allow it to work within. It is important to avoid staring at the clock while time clicks forward. Make use of time. I don’t mean just by going to work and punching the clock. Look at what makes you happy. Appreciate everything around you that you enjoy. No matter how mundane it might seem. A simple act that evokes a smile or pleasant thought is a great use of time.

This is just one of many ways to go forward.

Just keep going.


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