#Perspective – A Late Winter Closing #mondayblogs #writing

Pictou Harbour Lyons Brook

I’ve never minded the cold. Winter can be a great valid excuse for sticking close to the security of your own surroundings. Especially when they are well-heated by whatever means exist. Wood heat certainly serves the place I call home in a very good way.
This Atlantic winter has certainly been colder than expected. My travels and places of residence across this great country have exposed me to more colder temperatures so it was easy to adjust. It just seemed to drag on a little bit longer. Over the past week, Nova Scotia has seen significant amounts of rain, a bit of snow in other regions and flash freezing. With the snow having taken a pounding, it appears that winter is heading for a later exit. It’s easy to dispute my thought when you consider that spring technically starts later this week. It’s just a matter of climate perspective I suppose.
I’ve turned my mind to thinking that perhaps one of the reasons winter stuck around longer was to freeze out so much of what I have been through in the last few months. Time to warm up to a fresher frame of mind perhaps. Obviously there is no scientific proof of this but that is not the point. Again I refer to the whole concept of perspective. It is a good way to look at the bigger picture of what is actually happening. An encouraging thing really.
Spring is a refresher. It is going forward. Something I continue to work with on a daily basis. Regardless of what kind of winter you have experienced. Reflect positively, look at the lessons learned and how far you may have come or how far you now want to go as a person. Explore your own thoughts of ambition. Examine your winter survival kit and look at ways to add to it. Despite so much that went on in my life in the last few months and withstanding multiple attempts at being knocked down, I am still here and still standing. I have survived grief, loss and a sense of feeling alone even though I was far from it.
Surviving the longer winter has made me stronger in every role I willingly take on. I’m a better writer, husband, pet-parent………Person.
Dann Alexander is a Freelance Writer based just outside of Halifax Nova Scotia. He is the Author of “Planned UnParenthood – Creating A Life Without Procreating”, available on Amazon and other online book retailers worldwide.

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