Key-phrasing Content and Consistency. #mondayblogs #amwriting


I am fortunate.

When I started to look at scheduling work back into my regular rotation I was able to pick up where I left off with a client project that was started earlier in the year. The work is service descriptions for a company that offers a tremendous range of multimedia options for clients.

These kinds of jobs can be found in plentiful numbers as part of the everyday freelance market. If you are fortunate to find these kinds of projects, they can be welcome  courses on the very basic elements of writing.

Writing service descriptions will highlight the importance of using key-phrasing to capture search engine traffic to those pages. In one of my earlier writing assignments, the client was very specific about the importance of just getting those key words into the content even if the quality of the writing needed to be bent a little bit below my own personal standard. I understood completely what they meant.

At some point, you may have been asked to use a certain word or phrase in a sentence. Using key-words and key-phrasing is very much the same way. It becomes a test of determining how much content can you generate with use of these words? How will you connect it with the services the client wants to describe? In this same previous assignment the client actually went a step further and made a specific requirement for the number of times the key-words and key-phrases were to be used in the content.

I view these kinds of detailed opportunities as a great challenge to any working writer. Writing any content whether it is straight-forward words or search engine optimized content may force you to return to the very basics of constructing sentences in order to provide the best product for your clients. This creates a further opportunity to learn.

And learning in this business should always be a constant. Even if you are nowhere near a computer screen or notepad, look for those moments. They are everywhere.


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