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Open Window

I’m no longer concerned with an Afterlife that does not exist.

No one has been able to show evidence that there is something else after this life. There was nothing before this life began, and when life does end, I am content that it is definitely the end.

I am perfectly fine with this. People are afraid to admit this, but religion teaches children from a young age to fear something that cannot actually be proven. They are told that science in school is to be embraced as long as it does not mix with any supposed faith-based theories. I have little doubt that brilliant educators who could demonstrate the values of science and history probably had a few opinions about the afterlife that they may have been afraid to offer students out of fear of losing their jobs.

Science is about reality. While more than ever, religion seems to be about control and command.    

Accepting reality is the most basic exercise in recognition of the world around us. A growing percentile of earth’s population has come to realize and believe with strong evidence that the existence of supernatural beings and master creators is in fact, a fallacy. The old cliché of “God works in mysterious ways” is actually true. To many who still believe in the existence of a God, the truth is that “God” is still a complete mystery even to them. There are Pastors who stand at their pulpits during services and preach the supposed word of a “God” and find themselves questioning their speech as it is sounded out during their mass.

Progressive thinking requires positive change. More education, more acceptance of proven science.

It’s a start.






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