Fundamental Disagreements #mondayblogs #childfree

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Recently I was asked how could I fundamentally disagree with the idea of procreation.

I never once have said that I ever disagree with the idea of procreation. I disagree with discouraging anyone who wishes to never have children.

I disagree with the mentality that somehow biology is destiny. That we all are here to keep life going. I am thankfully busy enough with my own life that bringing another life into my own is just not something I intend to do.

I disagree with all forms of government that punish those who elect to never have children by offering little to nothing in the way of tax incentives. This puts people on unequal ground in the eyes of elected officials. In Canada, the majority of parents enjoy significant tax advantages over those with no children.

I disagree with the whole concept of the village raising the child. It should be the parent that raises the child. It should be the parent that teaches children to think for themselves and that as long as they are not hurting others, they can contribute well to society.

I disagree with property owners paying education taxes for children that I do not have.  I further disagree that how in many municipalities, people are forced to choose between paying those education taxes into the public system or a system that is run by one of the most corrupt organizations in history. Here’s a hint, it’s headed by a Pope….


I agree that more education is needed about what it is like to choose life as someone who does not want children.

I agree that it is time for more people to accept that families in the LGBT community can be just as good parents (and in many cases, probably better) as any heterosexual couples.

I agree that teaching children to think for themselves freely, to question everything and that being a parent is not a requirement of being in adult, is perfectly fine.

And finally,

I agree that the stigma attached to those who are making what really is a rational and personal choice is fading, with more and more people feeling open about living a life as a non-parent.





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