Are you a #Netflix #TV Show Binge-Watcher? #mondayblogs


It is very easy to make your monthly Netflix subscription pay for itself. I was rather elated when it announced it was coming to Canada. The very second we received the email saying it was up and running, our account was set up and rolling.

Sure the chief complaint from Netflix Canada users is that the content is certainly not as wide-ranging as American Netflix. Most users know now that this is because of the difference in licensing agreements. Most users also know the tricks to accessing the American Netflix feed. Although truthfully I do not have it set up for this at home.

One of my chief complaints about television in general over the last few years has been the lackluster amount of good quality programming. Reality television has certainly taken over since the early part of the 2000’s. TLC is no longer a channel that is actually about learning. The way they are going it is only a matter of time before they have three separate shows about psychic cake-bakers or something along those lines.

Slowly but surely I am finding quality shows to watch again thanks to Netflix. It is great to pick out old movies and finally see so many that were on my list of must-sees. Equally glorious is the amount of old favourite shows that have turned up and are worth watching for nostalgia purposes. When I have discovered an old show that has turned up on Netflix, or in the case of Portlandia a new one, usually this translates into binge-watching an entire series over a short period of time. As I write this, Portlandia is a few months away from heading into season five. However, season four is a week away from finally getting to Netflix. I have deliberately stayed away from finding it online or reading about what critics have said about the fourth season so I can enjoy the experience from a fresh perspective. It is my favourite show on television right now and arguably the best comedy to air since Seinfeld.

Even with the odd binge-watching of television in my life, the amount of tv I watch is still much less than most people. If I were to factor in my movie watching then it might add up to a more average number of hours, but watching films is something different altogether.

Binge-watching a show on Netflix has helped me in a rather tremendous way. It has forced me to think more about relaxing. Getting back to a state of calm enjoyment on a day. It requires me to actually sit still for a period of time.

Which can be difficult to do for a person who rarely stops

Many times while watching a show I spend moments learning from the writing. It actually enhances the television viewing experience for me because I can learn something while relaxing.

I am willing to bet that the number of people who find binge-watching on Netflix to be relaxing would total most of the subscriber base.

As the service continues to grow, hopefully Netflix will move quicker on getting more license clearances so the content available can reach well beyond the current amount of content. If television continues to generate improved ideas, then there could be more shows worth binge-watching in the very near future.


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