Finding Your Writer Voice #mondayblogs #amwriting

writing fountain penSo many people who are new to our business are often all-consumed just with the goal of finding out what their writer voice is. They want to quickly establish their own identity on the screen and printed page.

I am learning the hard way just as every single one of us should. I am learning by constantly learning. Part of that learning is drawing upon whatever influences are around them so they can continue to be motivated to work. Even working itself can be a positive influence.

It does not matter for a second what side of the business you are in. If you identify yourself as a fiction writer, you may be influenced by a musician whose voice is unique.

I write content for website pages as part of my freelance practice. Sometimes I can draw upon the influence of some of the great journalists in history who worked hard to communicate information to people. If it is my content going up on these pages, I want readers to understand it and have the client be pleased with the end results.

When you combine all of your influences and the things that inspire you, that is how the writer begins to define their solo writing voice. You can break the craft down to four core fundamentals in order to get yourself to work. Regardless of what the freelance job requirement might be, the kind of story you want to tell, or the kind of brainstorm list you might be scribbling on that page of scrap notebook beside you.

Inspiration, learning, re-learning and application.

Part of that learning may be taking a step back and going towards inspiration. You might pick up a book by your favourite author and see if there is something in their words that can help you transpose your own in a better way. It’s taking that inspired moment, learning from it, re-learning it to ensure you are getting what you want from it then applying it to the craft & trade.

Remember to learn from others around you. Through Social Media you can connect with others in the business and learn from them. Read content that they might post. Maybe the work of colleagues can drive some further inspiration and learning. For me, usually once a week (but often more) I am inspired by a piece that a colleague may have written for a site, or even a message on Facebook or Twitter that might catch my attention.

The word trade is a great one to work in. Everyone wants to rush to develop their own solo voices as writers. Since learning should be a constant thing, I say slow down. Have a cup of decaf. It will come to you.

All in good time.




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