Make Quitting The Business Not an Option #mondayblogs #amwriting







The business of writing is in a constant cycle of evolution. With the digital age still strong and growing stronger, many writers are able to put themselves out there more easily. Some have argued that anyone with a computer can now call themselves a writer and blogger. It’s just not the case. Good quality writing is easy to distinguish from that of slathered words, painted loosely on the screen pages just to bring in traffic or sell products.

There are constantly new voices emerging, while very few veteran voices disappearing. One has to of course respect the choices that a person makes in the business. Even if we hate to see a brilliant talent call it a day. Many great voices will allow themselves to step to the sidelines very quickly because they are not achieving the great results the expect so soon. Any writer who would put that kind of pressure on themselves is teeing up a potential depreciation of their self-worth. It can take a toll on a writer both personally and professionally.

Many who walk away from the business do so with the heaviest of heart. They might feel resigned to committing to the life they are leading. In some respect I can certainly understand that feeling. They might want to devote whatever free time they can find to resting in between family obligations. Again, it is an honourable thought to consider. That reflects devotion to life and family.

How many people have walked away from this business only to come up with a potentially best-selling book idea and never develop it? How many have turned down great freelance opportunities because they just are too busy with other things outside of the job?

Everything about this business makes me want to stay with it. I decided some time ago that quitting is a zero option. Even with all of the responsibilities that I have, the idea of walking away from this business for good is now plain ridiculous.  I took a significant amount of time away from aspects of my business this year like marketing and pursuit of freelance work due to a family commitment. As those commitments began to lighten I was suddenly working again steady. A great flow of freelance assignments. Stuff like creating content for client websites, service descriptions for a multimedia company, blog posts for a few news sites, and some humour for comedians and motivational speakers.

Truth is I never did stop. Throughout the year I managed a few decent posts on this site, while getting some press and promo work done related to my first book and I continued to work a notebook whenever I needed to. I maintained my drive and focus for my business and continued to reach more readers.

The early morning starts to the day are worth it. The occasional late-night and hours of time on the weekends are all worth it. Every rejection, every acceptance, every email and social media post connected to what I do, is all worth it.

The enjoyment of the trade, the enjoyment of having a strong enough writing voice that many readers appreciate, the enjoyment of the rewards that come with it all, are all worth it.

So if you are thinking about calling it a day in this business no matter what your reasons might be, take a step back and think about how life would be if you gave up what you truly enjoyed doing. Hold off on handing in that resignation letter to yourself. Go develop an idea and make it work, make it fail, put it away for another day.

Just go back to work.






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