Stories To Tell in 2015 #mondayblogs

Pictou Harbour Lyons Brook

The holiday time. Reflection and solitude. A look back on the year that was and a look ahead at the year you hope it will be.

A year ago I could look out my office window and see a ton of snow on the ground. This year, there is no snow. Evergreens still show their colours while the grass is coated with the damp rain. There is a stack of photos from my Father’s Estate that I am going through a few times. Some are his relatives in Scotland, some are of me with horribly long hair, a few are of his parents and some are of random places that I cannot identify.

The notebooks are piling up. I could not be happier about this. It means more work, more ideas.

More things happening.

Over the holiday season I spoke with a friend about an old book idea. Maybe I will develop it further this year. One of the great things about this business is the unknown. An old idea may become a project that is developed and finalized. A new idea may appear as something so great that you get to work on it right away.

Set reasonable goals for yourself. In a year, I would like to reflect back on this post and hope that I have achieved the goal of being a better marketer of my work and talents. I admit, I am an introvert but when it comes to writing I can talk “shop” for hours on end. I can network but still feel weak in the areas of promotion.

What are your goals if any for the coming year? Don’t think of them as resolutions. Identify any improvements that you want to make as attempts. That way you reduce the risk of disappointing yourself.

Writers – You can still “fall short” of a goal but actually accomplish something in the process. Remember to learn from others. Network often, read widely and speak “shop” when you can to others.

If you have but one story to tell in 2015, make it about learning to better yourself at the craft, and in the business.






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