Pictou Harbour Lyons Brook

Sometimes you want to be able to slow your mind down. It is annoying at times, especially when you want your thoughts to turn into rewarding ideas. Even getting those inspirational moments down to paper, page and screen is the actual reward. Is it a cure for being restless? Wish I had the definitive answer. The answer really is different for everyone.

On one of those really restless days I am willing to bet I could turn in a work day of seven to eight hours straight with minimal breaks. As everyone in this business knows, one idea always spawns into many more. I cannot even begin to tell you how many pages I have pulled where I can relive the experience of one of the brainstorms I weathered. Where one thing turned into ten and ten more turned into fifty. It has been a great way to find and figure out some older material.

On the majority of my restless days it is a period of working in the early hours before heading off to my commitments during the week. I then spend at least a half hour of working through that restless feeling before landing at the day job. One of the challenges of being at the day job is working to shelve the writing mindset until a free and clear break in the day. When it comes time to take lunch I become the person with a restless writing mind again. Same thing come the end of the day. The day job work day comes to an end. Pick myself up, head home to all the things I do outside of the day job.

And become the restless writer again. Instead of fighting being restless, it is better to work with it. I am working to find balance in this regard. Working more in the business helps because it is something I enjoy.

Over the course of the coming weeks I intend to bring back more of a balance to ease restlessness. Having music on in my home office again. Picking up my own musical talents again (I play bass rather well). Once the weather clears, find an outdoor basketball court nearby and enjoy one of my favourite sports again. Read more, travel more and do much more.

So if you are a restless, how do you find balance?


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