Editing 101 – Revising, Revisions and Reflections

Power of Words

Most in this business will tell you that a completed work should get a pass before an editor before it becomes published product. In most instances I would definitely agree. A second and even third set of eyes can bring words to life in a way that the original author may not otherwise see. Still, I would not begrudge any writer who would prefer to work a project right through to completion. It can take some practice but being your own editor can have beneficial rewards. If you want to edit a sizable project of your own, then you need to look at the project as if you are the intended reader. As if you have never seen the words until they are first read.

Editing is one of the parts of the process that I find most personally enjoyable. Getting a few pages down, composing and transcribing the thoughts to paper or screen is equally enjoyable. Editing feels like a slow-down and recover process for the writing that just transpired. It is a moment of reflection. It is a meditative process that forces one to think about the words just written.

With freelance work, there is even more rewards from editing. If hired to work on a project for editing and revisions, you get to read something. Recently I completed some work where I was editing and making suggested revisions to a book project. It was a book that I found myself getting into that was very difficult to put down. In a way, I felt like I was editing one of the many books I have on my nightstand. Having that mentality knowing that I was able to be reading something as part of this job, gave me a refreshing perspective.

Freelance editing work involves reading in order to bring a project to completion. 

Having that kind of work as part of a freelance practice can also carry over into other things you might do for your business. For instance, the most recent gig I referred to reminded me to be more edit-savvy with my postings to this site. A refreshed approach to marketing yourself in this business is always a positive.

Regardless of what side of the business you may be in, even if you feel comfortable hiring a freelance editor, spend a little more time on editing your work on your own before sending it out. You may learn something about yourself and your approach to writing.

Interested in hiring a freelance editor for your work? Drop me a note in the comment section or hit me up on Twitter @WriterDann


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