Deadlines Often Make the Impossible Reality – By Sarah Butland

Sarah Butland is a Freelance Writer and Author based in my hometown of New Glasgow, Nova Scotia. This past week, her novella “Blood Day” was released to Amazon.  If you own a Kindle, I highly recommend this as your next purchase. Several weeks ago Sarah invited me to edit her script. It was a fun and challenging freelance assignment that I was glad to be part of. At times I found myself lost as a reader and needed to go back a few pages into editor mode. I have invited Sarah to these pages to share some valuable “shop talk”.    

Blood Day Cover

I never believe things are impossible though I too often convince myself they are nearly so. When I found the contest for the Writers’ Federation of New Brunswick and noted the deadline I realized how unlikely I’d be able to meet it. I had a young child at home, was busy learning how to be a mom and get back on my own feet. But I did it.

After finding excuse after excuse to just forget about it, I heard a whisper from a highly regarded friend of all New Brunswick writers, Deborah Carr, suggesting I come up with something. With her vote of confidence and a lyric floating around my head I decided I’d do my best.

The word count was 4000 and I never wrote such a long short story before but do love a challenge. I wrote an adaptation of the lyric down on paper and the story began.

Without sacrificing my commitment to my son I sat at the kitchen table while he played underfoot, literally, and I typed. More attentive to his actions and giggles than to my own fingers furiously typing in an effort to write this story in just over a week. When I was done I had no idea what I wrote about or where the story would end up.

Not much time passed from submission to being told the story, my challenge to get me back to writing, won first prize! Blood Day won the 2011 Children’s/ Young Adult Writers Federation Competition which drew high regard from local authors. The only problem with it they told me, was that they wanted more of the story.

So over the last 4 years I wondered, pondered, avoided, talked about it and avoided some more as I had no idea where the story was going. It wasn’t my usual genre, I liked the cliff-hanger ending and that people were hooked and intrigued.  But alas, I decided I needed to write it out.

Setting a new deadline, which I missed by a few weeks, I decided to launch the book on my 33rd birthday. Giving me something to start the year off wonderfully and to reset my writing career once again.

All of this to say, nothing is impossible if you truly want it. Have a time frame in mind but don’t be too hard on yourself that you get stressed trying to meet it. Our universe has a magical way of pulling it all together to ensure you have what you need at sometimes you least expect it.

Live every day to its fullest, putting each excuse to the back of your mind while you work towards living your dream.

Veronica, the main character of Blood Day the Short Story and Novella, is more lost than you will ever be. She doesn’t bleed, breathe or even see her reflection, yet still knows she has a crucial role in who she is, just by being her.

Thanks for reading and hope to soon hear what you think of Blood Day – The Novella!

And thank you to @WriterDann for editing my book under a crazy deadline from me and far surpassing my expectations of him.

Sarah Butland (2)


Twitter: @sarahbutland_co


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