The Fall – When Life Begins

vic park

“Come Autumn. Come Fall. That’s when life begins” – Robbie Robertson

Most people hold the belief with much sincerity that Spring is where everything begins. Where sunshine comes in and more light and warmth come to the forefront.

Fall remains my favourite time of year. That sentiment just seems to grow stronger every September. A short time ago, I had an errand that took me into the halls of my elementary school. It was remarkably odd to go through this building. A building where I now have friends whose kids are attending school. It was a short stroll through the halls to the office that reminded me of how I used to feel every September. It was a dreadful feeling. I never wanted summers to end. Even the roughest summers were still worth living out versus the dread of returning to school. I never liked school even though I excelled in writing. September for me always felt like the start of an intermittent jail sentence. It was a sentence I knew I had to be serving. You could not escape it until you graduated. On the days in senior high school that I played hooky, it always felt like I was on the run from wardens.

Things have changed significantly. Over the years I’ve come to appreciate the fall as this pristine refreshing time of year. The harvest comes in. The colours of nature are changing. The idea of having to seek warmth in cooler temperatures is inviting to some people. Fall in Nova Scotia tends to actually last a while. When I used to live away I loved coming home during this time of year so I could take things in.

Professionally, the fall always feels like the new year’s celebration for writing. Everything about it is inspiring to me. It’s a great chance to look at work that is ongoing and work opportunities that are worth pursuing (hint – they are ALL worth pursuing). Writing of any kind to me is a peaceful pursuit. Fall is that peaceful time, therefore making work a part of that peaceful pursuit. It’s a great professional mindset to be in.

Part of my Fall Harvest involves a more serious look at my notes from the last year. What kind of content can I generate from those ideas? Is there a current project that something can be put to? Is there a title that needs a story put to it? What area of work do I want to refresh myself in? Something new to learn? A refresher on some old tricks of the trade? These are just some of the things I work through. You could say I’m harvesting the fruits of my writing labour. I like to think I’m a pretty good farmer.

Enjoy your harvest.



2 thoughts on “The Fall – When Life Begins

  1. I agree, September has always felt more like the beginning of a new year than the actual new year. I think it’s to do with the new school year and has been further emphasised by having kids at school, going to uni as a mature student & working in a college.

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