Start of the Week Refresher – Your Writing Space


Think about where you might usually work from when you write.  Think about sitting down at that space on the first of the week.  Look at your surroundings. Is there anything you might need to change about the space?  My office space needs a little bit of work right now. There is filing piling up on a cabinet, different things lying on the bed in here because the house is undergoing some work. It’s a bit chaotic right now. Thankfully it’s still a workable place.  Frankly, there is no where else I would rather be than this home office.  Being surrounded by notebooks, the record collection, the musical instruments, it’s perfect.

I’m going somewhere with this……

Mondays can be difficult. Especially when you have a day job and you know you would rather be at the keyboard or page at home. It’s okay though. You will get back to that spot again. You may find the occasional Monday morning where your thoughts and ideas are blocked. The words might not be there.

So have a look around at your space. Consider adding things to it that will inspire creativity. Subtract things that may hinder it. Give your writing space a refresher. Even if it’s damn near perfect, make it more perfect. Open a window and let the fresh air in for a few minutes. Think of that fresh air as cleaning out any staleness that exists. Think of that fresh air as blowing the dust off your notebooks and computer screens. You are working. Giving your space a refresh is part of the trade. It is productive work time.

Then, get back to writing…


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