Driving Towards The Sunshine

vic parkSUnshine

Fall continues its’ colourful annual visit. I spent yesterday morning driving the sunrise view to a favourite market in the valley. It was full for vendors who brought along more of their fall harvests. Many more artisans and builders seemed to have taken over this particular weekend. So there is always something new to check out. Most patrons are there for the food and strong coffee. The wine makers have the easiest time drawing in crowds looking for a free sample and ultimately something to drink with dinner.

After I left the big market, I found my way through a couple of smaller markets that are also worth visiting. With an abundance of apples around, my hope was to find something fresh-baked that I could have for supper. Yes, I could eat half a tray of apple crisp for dinner and not regret it. It was already too little and too late. The bakeries were long sold out of anything after filling major orders from the days before.

Its’ easier to be happy for the business they are doing rather than be frustrated at not being able to procure dessert.

Further down the road lies my favourite brewery in the province, Sea Level Brewing in Port Williams. Their yearly batch of Pumpkin Ale was only released the day before. My visit was a timely one. Should save it for Halloween but I won’t be able to wait another week. A friend later on in the day rightfully pointed out I could always get more in a week if I really wanted to. The Bay of Fundy tide was riding high. One could put their hands in the water just kneeling down behind the brewery building.

On the return drive I could have taken the long way through the trail. My election was to travel by highway. The trail is part of a scenic ride that is only long if you keep looking at the clock. One gets too busy being captured by the scenery of the river towns as you drive back to higher elevations. The clock only becomes important if you are in a hurry to get somewhere later on.

The weekday beat in the city can be absolutely exhausting.This makes the weekend escape all the more blissful once a person gets there. Driving further away from it is like a form of protest against driving a slightly shorter distance. Sometimes I’m saying “forget the city market”, I want to get away from it all.

Do I’ll drive towards the sunshine and cruise into the early morning movement of the valley.


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