My Favourite Halloween


Here’s a picture of my entry into a local pumpkin carving contest. It looks similar to the one I entered last year…

My last year of trick-or-treating was 9th Grade. I was a junk food addict and was just happy to rip around my Dad’s old neighbourhood in Rural Nova Scotia, picking up enough for my personal snack plan that would last me a few weeks. Even though it was my favourite one, I have zero recollection as to what the hell I was. I probably painted my face white and threw on black lipstick to look like someone in a Scandinavian Black Metal band.

I went with a few old friends from the same neighbourhood.  We would take the odd smoke break every few houses, which seems even more funny to me now. Just out getting candy and just had to stop and have a cigarette. Quite odd indeed.

Towards the end of an evening full of fun banter, I was getting the sense that this would be it. I was getting too old for it anyway. Having skipped the year before it just did not make sense that I was even out now. It was a very good trip around the community, and I visited houses and people that I did not see in years.

Times have changed. I don’t smoke and I rarely eat junk food. After picking up some stuff to give out later this evening I happily bit into a chocolate bar for the first time in ages. Only to remember that I’m now wearing braces and REALLY should not be eating the stuff. Took ten minutes for all of my repair work…..

I should go find some more pumpkin beer…..



9 thoughts on “My Favourite Halloween

  1. You brought up an interesting question: when did I stop trick or treating? From the old family photos, it looks like 1958. One halloween I remember, it was a dark and stormy night, and I had a paper bag with handles. I went all about collecting candy, not knowing the bottom got wet and opened up. I did not discover it until I was finished! I retraced my steps and picked much candy up off the sidewalk! I went out on my own without parents as times were safer then, or at least we thought so. When I had children I had to accompany them on Halloween door to door. No paper bags for my lot! Plastic pumpkins with handles were the carrier of choice!

  2. I saw your post over at Suzie’s. I think I was somewhere in my teens when I finally quit trick or treating. And I know that my kids stretched it out until they were 17, which I thought was a bit old. Then again, we still get teenage trick or treaters now so maybe it’s not! 🙂

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