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A few weeks ago I was working on the content pool for the upcoming weeks. Trying to sort out which ideas would work well and what kinds of things I might want to talk about. Somewhere in the recent past I was in a Twitter exchange with S. Usher Evans (Follow her on Twitter @s_usherevans) where we might have been talking about brainstorming blog ideas. Somehow the term Blogstorming came to my mind. I didn’t reach far back into my Twitter feed to clarify.

It’s not any different than actual brainstorming as part of the creative process. My thinking here though is that it might focus your inspirational quest to think of ideas that will be meant solely for your blog. I’m very much into planning most of my posts in advance. Although there are several posts on this site that were written as they happened. Especially over the last year. The feedback has been very positive and I am grateful to all readers for their comments and critiques.

I’ve covered content pool and generating ideas for your blog here before. When I think of Blogstorming now it really has helped me narrow my focus a bit on what I want to say here. Sharing ideas and selling books are still ultra important. Sharing knowledge is also something I enjoy doing. In this business you are going to develop your own ways of working. Someone else’s writing advice is not going to work for you. Still, you might learn some little tip that will benefit your practice. One of my mentors made a point to tell me years ago that anything that really works for you can benefit someone else who wants to learn. I’m a much better writer for sharing my knowledge. So often I Blogstorm about those kinds of things because readers really seem to enjoy that kind of content.

Blogs are a great forum for sharing personal stories as well. Over the course of this year I have shared much in the way of those stories. There are more stories to tell so I will Blogstorm some more and figure out what stories I might want to tell.

When generating content ideas for your blog, start to think of it as Blogstorming. Focus on what you want to say and how you want to say it. Enjoy the process of inspiration and taking those ideas to the screen.




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