It all comes back

Johns Pass

A few weeks away from the grind is always good. Come to think of it, even a few days away can help to regulate life.

When I was down south I initially planned to work a little each day as and if I felt like it. A large notebook would be all I needed. If I were to fill a page or two every morning I could call it a job well done. That did not happen and I was perfectly fine with it. The one morning I brought the notebook to the nearby cafe I managed two very scattered pages. I spent part of the morning watching Pelicans fishing. Many appeared to be successful. They competed with other dive-bombing birds who splashed down in a hurry to find something to eat from the ocean.  I was probably distracted by the dark coffee and anticipation of sunshine and the cold beer that would come a few hours later. There was a few lines of funny that came to me over the break. I would get those down on my phone for possible future use.

There was never a sense of disappointment over not accomplishing a goal that was set. After all I was there for a break which I really needed. I’ve come to grow very fond of that area and look forward to seeing it every December. To have weather warmer than home and to run in pure white beach sand multiple times per day. Because I tend to write so much now there was never a fear of not being able to pick it up again. It all does come back. There was such an influx of work that I just kept putting out what I could. I met my deadlines and started a few things where needed. I am back at it.

2016 looks like it will be another busy year in the word business. Thank you for reading and commenting. The best to all of you for the New Year. 


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