Thriving on Criticism


I have never been offended by a negative review of my books, or anything I have written for the web and print. Unless someone is defaming your name and reputation, neither should you. Rather, I have learned to thrive on it and move forward.

It is not an easy thing to do. No one should believe it ever is. No matter what aspect of writing you are in, you want to communicate well so your freelance clients are happy. Your readers are happy and most important, you yourself will be happy. No one is perfect in the word business and life. You cannot please everyone. Remember that a book with a 5-star review on Amazon does not mean it will be enjoyed by everyone. It certainly helps from a visual and sales perspective to have positive reviews out there. Everyone can agree on that. No one truly sets out to write a bad book. The same way that no one sets out to write, produce and film a bad movie.

I have been very fortunate to have read a very small number of negative reviews of my work. I count myself as one of the lucky ones. There have been only a couple of instances where I had to go back and re-visit work for freelance clients who were not completely satisfied.  I was able to resolve one of those issues completely and learn some valuable lessons. The other incident involved a potential client who suddenly wanted to change a proposed pay rate to a penny per word

Maybe there are other reviews out there that I have yet to see. I really do not know. My valuable time needs to be spent working more. Writing more. Continuing to bring in and grow my business and grow my readership.  Negative reviews have only inspired me to keep going. To keep working, and to keep writing.



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